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Became an equity superhero with Cake

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Cap table and employee equity plans can be complex and painful for startups, particularly as you scale your team. Littler has partnered with Cake to help you streamline equity management. Cake helps you handle your startup equity in a few clicks.

  • Create stock option share plans in seconds
  • Issue stock options to your teams in any country
  • Automate offers and vesting, integrated with your cap table
  • Easily manage your 409a within the platform
  • Invite and communicate with your investors
  • Employees have full visibility over stock option count, value, and vesting schedule

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Handle your equity, in seconds.

Step away from spreadsheets, streamline your cap table, employee equity. Say no to switching between email, spreadsheets, and messy documents. 30 Countries covered.


Invite and motivate your team with value, in real time.

Adding equity into hiring processes takes seconds. Create stock options or share plans, setup automatic vesting, motivate and reward your team for their work. Let us handle the rest: legal documents, offer letters, automatic vesting, exercise rules, and updates. Easily communicate the value with your team to improve culture, engagement and retention.


Best practice templates, crafted for you.

Save valuable time and money on plan, offer letter agreements and compliance, we’ve expertly crafted best practice to get you ahead. Get digital signing, document storage, captable integration, subscription agreements, convertible note, SAFEs, and share certificate templates as standard inclusions.

What’s it like to use Cake?

Find out from our co-founder Jase, in just 6 minutes!

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