Giant Warm Intro Workshop - Getting the most from investor meetings

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Became an equity superhero with Cake

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This is the prep workshop tailored for founders preparing for investor meetings as part of The Giant Warm Intro.

Learn from our startup leaders:

  • Jason Atkins, Co-founder, Cake Equity
  • Taryn Pieterse, Investment Principal, Rampersand
  • Rachael Neumann, Founding Partner, Flying Fox Ventures
  • Mark Zmarzly, Startups & VC, AWS

We know every founder is unique and may want different things from their investor meetings. The workshop covers the following areas:

  • Understand how your sessions will run, who you are meeting with and work out what you want to get from the meetings
  • How to prepare your introduction/elevator pitch
  • How to ask great questions and get great feedback
  • Preparing a short investor pitch