Cake Equity | Cake Pricing - Monthly & Annual Plans

Equity made easy for startups

Start managing and issuing stock options with ease. Plans can be changed and pro-rata adapted any time.
Cake pricing plan start icon
Free for up to 5 stakeholders
Get out of spreadsheets
  • Cloud based cap table
  • Digital share certificates
  • Cap table modelling
  • Shareholder communications
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Free for up to 5 stakeholders
The plan to motivate teams & for delaware c-corps
  • Everything from Starter plus:
  • Best practice lawyer/attorney developed equity templates
  • Stock options, ESOP, shares
  • Integrated digital signing, sending offers/ grants
  • Fixed price discounted 409A (draft in 2 days)
  • Employee portal with vesting & notifications
  • SAFE fundraising templates & workflows
  • Unlimited power-ups with Customer success team
  • Introductions to our best startup lawyers / partners
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Only available yearly
Get everything right for global teams!
  • International option pools
  • Localised documents & offer letters
  • 3 countries*
  • Annual valuation (409A, HMRC)
  • Priority local startup legal & tax help
  • Localised paperwork & vesting schedules
  • Adjustable options for multiple countries
* Subject to availability upon confirmation