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Co-founder of Cake Equity, husband, father of two, dog owner, surfer, thought leader, likes to talk about anything equity, capital raising, climate, startups, making the most of life, and ageing backwards.

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Co-founder and President at Cake Equity

Jason is passionate about helping the tech community achieve more from their equity. He sees innovation and entrepreneurship as being instrumental in tackling and solving many of society's greatest problems and believes that a core component of any successful tech company is its equity, through investment and employee equity schemes. He has authored many blogs, guides and toolkits, and regularly presents on these topics including maximising your equity, equity plans, capital raising, founder journey and health, and other related cap table matters from Australia, to San Francisco and Los Angeles, to Southeast Asia, and the United Kingdom. With a passion for learning and sharing his knowledge, Jason took Cake through the Startmate accelerator, undertook angel investor training with AirTree Ventures, started a small angel investor network called Palm Beach Ventures, and now mentors in various accelerator programs including Startmate, River City Labs and LuminaX. Jason has personally helped countless founders run raises and create employee option plans.

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Why Cake Equity?

As Co-founder and President of Cake Equity, Jason is leading a global community who wants its equity to be better. Through the Cake products, content, and community, equity is being converted from a complex and illiquid paper asset to a simpler, more liquid real-world asset. Jason aims to build real value from tech equity for millions globally. Kim and Jason, co-founders of Cake Equity, saw that while equity was such a critical factor in a startup’s success, it was a terribly poor experience for almost all founders. They created Cake because they saw founders making the same mistakes over and over again. It’s impossible for early-stage startups to navigate their equity competently and with speed due to its incredible complexity. There had to be a better way! They saw that almost all raises, and equity plans, founder splits were more or less the same. Founders didn’t want the details, they wanted the outcome. So why couldn’t they standardise, streamline and automate most of it? Well, Cake could, and Cake did. Our mission is to help startups raise more often, hire better teams with their equity, and drive an increase in innovation, and that, plus further successful exits will only enhance a sector that we hope can make the world a better place.

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Jason grew up in Gold Coast, Australia and graduated from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance and earned his CPA license in 2009. He started his professional career in finance, achieving success in a range of financial management and leadership roles from SME to Multinationals, and Family Office in Australia and Europe. Never one to sit idle, Jason was fortunate to experience extensive travel to over 50 countries during these years.

Underlying this is his consistent investment in health and mental health, and you can always find Jason making time for the simple and fun things in life with his family and friends. During his free time, he likes to surf, run, hit the gym, do yoga, and then balance these activities with great meals, chats, or dancing with friends.


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