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Startup Funding Series - Angel Investing

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Our panel includes Ed Hooper, startup investor and co founder of Startup Galaxy.  Ed has extensive experience as a startup investor and advising and providing platforms to Angel investing groups.

Scale Investors are Australia’s first and only angel investor network focused on female entrepreneurs.Chelsea is the current co-CEO of Scale Investors after joining as the Investment Manager in April 2018. Chelsea has over 10 years experience in the financial services industry and has built a specialist reputation in managing founder and investor relationships.

Melissa Ran is Head of Community at Airtree.  Now while Airtree are one of the countries’ leading Angel’s they are also a key driver of the growth of Angel investing in Australia via their Airtree Explorer Program which teaches Angel investing.

Jason Atkins is Co-founder of Cake Equity.  Jason has mentored 1000’ of startups on capital raising and is an active early stage startup investor.

During the event founders will learn about the following;

  • How to find Angel investors
  • Trends in Aussie angel investing
  • When and how do Angel’s invest
  • How to pitch to Angels