[AUS] Unlocking Financial Freedom as a Startup Founder or Employee

Sharing in wealth creation via founder and employee equity is a major incentive for many startup founders and employees. However, being in a startup shouldn’t mean home ownership and other investment opportunities are off the table until your startup exits via an IPO or sale.


7/12/2022, 3:51:00 AM AEST

How can startup teams unlock the value of their equity pre-exit and how can they access investment opportunities like homeownership earlier?  In this event  we’ll explore opportunities to release equity early and how to leverage that capital to create more wealth with:

  • Rob Lamb, Head of Talent at Square Peg, previously leading talent for other global tech giants such as Apple and Uber, shares the unique perspective of an exit and what that means for founders and employees. Welcome Rob!!
  • Matt Allen, Founder of Tractor Ventures and curator of financial alternatives shares his views and expertise on options to access future capital, today. Thanks for making time to be with us this evening Matt.
  • James Bowe, Co-founder of OwnHome whose mission is to turn renters into homeowners by overcoming the deposit hurdle - startup founders are welcome!
  • Jason Atkins, Founder of Cake Equity - Man behind the machine that delivers ESOP allocation, capital raising and all things equity admin, Cake!

Unlock YOUR financial freedom as a startup founder or employee NOW!