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Using SAFE Notes in Startup Funding

If you're a startup founder or investor interesting in using Safe notes for startup funding this panel is for you. SAFEs are now widely used from Pre-Seed Stage, to Series B+ funding. They are often used where valuations are hard to determined, and to accelerate racing start-ups, in ad hoc “bridging rounds”. The SAFE was created to speed up capital raising, with less negotiation, complexity and headaches. But there are still a number of points that can cause issues and should be clarified or improved. Our panel of startup experts are working on a new improved Australian version of the Safe note. Join them as they discuss: - Why Safes are so popular? - What are the issues with Current Safe notes? - How to build a better Safe note Panel - Jason Atkins - Co-founder or Cake Equity - David Kenney - Partner, Hall Chadwick - Quentin Wallace - Co-founder, Archangel Ventures - Joshua Ismin - Psylo
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