Cake Equity | Take The Guesswork Out Of Employee Share Option Plans

Take the Guesswork out of Employee Share Option Plans

Use this guide to see how you can best take advantage of Employee Share Option Plans (ESOPs) in your company. In this free ESOP Guide you will discover:

How to retain skilled staff
How to attract the best talent
How to substitute salary packages with options
How ESOPs improve company culture
How to implement ESOPs under the Start-up Tax Concession

Free Employee Share Option Plan Guide

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Are you ready for an Employee Share Option Plan?

Launching and managing a successful Employee Share Option Plan can be difficult if not done correctly. This guide gives you a complete outlook on how it works and how you can use it to give your team ownership. Here are some of the common questions we cover:

Why would I do an ESOP instead of an ESS?
What is vesting & how does an option vest?
Does an employee have to pay to exercise the options?
How do I value my company for an ESOP
What if the employee leaves the Company?
How is an ESOP taxed, and what is the Start-up Tax Concession?
“Cake gives me the confidence our share values are correct for any given investment, and the ability to visualise stock price growth. The other huge benefit is creating and managing an option pool for staff and advisors.”

Joel Hauer Founder @ Whisky Loot