Cake Equity

Start-up Funding Series - Family Office Invstment

Understanding different types of startup investors and capital sources is critical if you are raising capital but it can be confusing. From family and friends to angels, crowd funding, family offices and VC's there's a lot of choose from. In this series we'll be exploring different types of startup investors and providing practical tips on how founders can successfully raise from each of them. Our first event focuses on raising from Family Offices which is often done via a VC. We've are fortunate to have a great panel with deep experience in this area. Michael Gale - CEO of First Penny Investments Jason Atkins - Co-founder of Cake Equity Humaira Khan - Founder of Walzay During this event we will be providing insights on the following areas; - Types of family office - Geographic considerations when looking for investment - Types of investment family offices and VC's are looking for - When and how to prepare to pitch for family office investment
Cake if free for your first 5 investors