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Cake gives you the capital-raising legal workflows, templates and administrative tools to make it easier.
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Let Cake take care of your everyday raise admin

Forget paying expensive legal fees and switching between spreadsheets, email and documents. We won't find the investors for you, but we can make the process a lot easier and less costly. Put your best foot forward with a clean cap table, standardised templates, e-signing and more!

Send out offers to investors
Store and organize raise documents
Access subscription agreement and share certificate templates
Collect online signatures of subscription agreements
Integrate and automate your Cap Table
Issue certificates
Access our comprehensive guide to Capital Raising (coming soon)

How does it work?


Get set up fast

Create or transfer over your cap table, upload any raise documentation, use our legal workflow templates, and book in a time with our support team if you need it. All in the next 24 hours.


Get the offer out

Send out the offer, get signatures returned online, and track your raise progress in real time on your dashboard.


Finalize the legals

Close your Pre-seed, Seed, or Series A in half the time. Our legal workflows integrate with our equity management platform, automating the process. We issue share certificates through our app and automatically update your Cap Table in real time.


Keep everyone up to date

Give your investors the ability to view and manage their shares through the investor app. Easily administer shares with Cap Table service, with all updates pushed straight through to your Registered Agent as standard.


Get the right documents for the job, easily accessible in one place

Forget manual data entry. E-signing, in-app communication, document storage, a dashboard for your raise, with a cloud-based Cap Table is how it’s meant to be. From start to exit, Cake is the equity management platform that global startups count on to manage their raise.

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Transparency and collaboration for your extended team

We know that behind every scale-up success story is a great team. Whether you’re a CEO, advisor, or accountant, everyone benefits from legal and financial workflows that centralise and simplify the process of raising capital for startups.

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Access a network of trusted legal and compliance partners

Equity is easiest when all stakeholders use Cake. We enable founders to meet and connect with expert advisors from across the globe who can provide guidance on legal, compliance, and tax regulations tailored to your needs.

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