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✅ Manage your equity, investors, vesting and communications ✅ Secure source of truth (+ compliance, valuations 409a) ✅ Quick and easy set up in a couple of clicks
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Say goodbye to spreadsheets

And say hello to a single source of truth. Our cloud-based Cap Table takes care of all the calculations and keeps track of your equity transactions. Add shareholders, issue share certificates, execute share transfers, and much more. Give access to the relevant company partners like accountants and lawyers and stay in complete control.

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Transparency inspires confidence

Cake is the place to go for investors. Our app enables shareholders to keep track of their portfolio and company-related communication, receive updates, and download holding statements. We make it easy for your business to build trust and credibility with people who matter.

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The best cap tables do the legwork for you

We’ve worked with thousands of founders, VCs, and lawyers globally to build a platform that makes it easy for startups everywhere to make the most of their equity. In fact, most raises, ESOPs, and cap tables follow similar protocols across the world. We’re bringing equity best practices to founders everywhere with the perfect blend of accreditation, automation, and professional advice.

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What's included

Company Dashboard
One place to build and manage your Cap Table
Document signing and sharing
Document storage
Shares, Notes and Options

Managing equity doesn’t have to be a headache

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