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What's new in the Cake product for July.
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What's new

  • Model your Cake

  • Editing transactions

  • Create multiple option offers in bulk

  • Bulk downloads

  • Cake's template contracts

  • Overview: shifts in how companies are slicing their Cake

+ More tools to drive forward your company and motivate your teams with equity. Let's jump in.

Model your equity story and 'what if analysis'.

Forecast your current and future valuation, amount of investment you seek, or look at what adjusting your options does to your equity holdings; use the modelling tool to make more informed decisions.


  • The ability to plan scenarios involving changes to your cap table through investment, SAFE note conversions and option pool changes.
  • Apply the number of shares your convertible or SAFE notes will convert to and have this included in calculations.
  • Identify how much each shareholder will be diluted by if you progress a round of investment.
  • Top up your option pool and review changes to your holdings.

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Bulk create & send offers for your employees + more workflows

  • Create multiple offers for your team, with the same terms, use 'Bulk actions'
  • Edit transactions by clicking on a shareholder and accessing 'edit transaction' from under the More button.
  • Download a full details of your stakeholders via the stakeholders tab

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Global teams - give stock options cross-border

Give stock options cross-border

Do all your employees have equity parity?

You can now setup and issue options with country specific offer workflows (and addendum if needed) with a simple upgrade of your subscription. Includes ongoing automatic vesting, employee communications and more. Save months and tens of thousands of dollars.

Book a quick call and our team will answer any questions.

FAQs & more -- Why can’t I just send an offer based on my existing Plan Rules and Offer Letter?

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Best practice legal contracts. Start with Cake for free.

Did you know?

Cake has best in class legal templates developed from insights on thousands of transactions & documents.

  • Option plan rules
  • Option offer letters
  • SAFE & Convertible notes

Save on lawyer fees and start with Cake.


Market changes in how companies are giving equity

We're seeing shifts in Company behaviour in Q2 compared to Q1, with Cake's largest quarter ever:
  • 1 Transaction every minute
  • 127% increase in Companies giving options with no cliff
  • 169% increase in Companies vesting options over 24 months.

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