Product updates in August

Cake. The easiest way to manage your equity, investors, employee and stock options.
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Add Witnesses to contracts

Add witnesses for Options, Equity Raises and Notes Raise contracts Receivers of the contract can nominate a witness to sign through docusign, much like the process for a paper contract Look for it under the 'More' function. 

Bulk upload your cap table, shareholders, stock holders

Bulk uploads

Upload your holder lists and get to value in seconds by importing what you already have, no need to craft it into a perfect spreadsheet. Features: Simply ensure your data is sorted into columns Upload it and use the tool to then name the required columns  Import it directly into Cake Away you go Find the Bulk upload tool by clicking 'Shares', 'Stocks' or 'Notes' from the nav

copy and paste your stockholders in

Copy & Paste your lists instead

Even simpler, copy and paste your file as shown above Then follow the same process to select which columns are which A piece of Cake. 

investor announcements in cake

Set reply to contact in your announcements

Set a 'reply to' email when sending your communications in Cake Update your investors, employees or future stakeholders Have them reply back to you all through the cloud based Cake platform

equity global state

July equity data globally