Cake enables partners to more easily manage equity.
And you know Cake plays nicely with it's friends. It's who we are.

Lawyers. Accountants. Corporate Advisors. Incubators. Accelerators. Coworking. Professional Investors.

Cake partners include

A great experience for your team and clients

Your team and clients will be excited

Your team and clients will be excited

Spend less time on data entry, and you have a single source of truth. So you can focus on what matters.

Cake supports you

Cake supports you

The Cake team provide great service, and awesome equity related content for your clients

Get moving easily

Get moving easily

Great discounts for you and your clients. No set up fees. Cake provides all the resources you need.

Be a tech-forward firm

Raising capital for your business

Raise money

Manage your next raise with Cake. It's like having your accountant and lawyer in an app, with all the modern software features you want-e signing, document storage, cloud Cap Table, in app communication and legal advice.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Give shares to your team

Using Cake you'll breeze through the set up of your Employee Shane Scheme.
Then issue the options and let the cistern handle vesting triggers and exercise rules, take care of payment and issue shares

Cap Table Management

Simple record keeping

No more spreadsheets or multiple versions of the same document. Only one source of the truth. Our cloud-based Cap Table takes care of all the calculations and keeps track of your equity transactions

Cap Table Management

Stay sweet with the law

Need to update investor details or add a couple of new ones? Now you can do it all with the click of a button. We can also connect your Cap Table to ASIC, or your Registered Agent

The more you refer, the more you get


10% discount for clients

15% discount for resellers.
(5 to 20 clients)

20% discount for resellers.
(More than 20 clients)
Waived setup fees
Partner resource
Dedicated partner
Early access to betas
Access to legal design program
Dedicated onboarding

Join our Partner Program

The program is free to join, and your firm gets exclusive benefits right away.