Unlock your team’s potential with options

Raise the bar for success. We’ve made it fast, simple, and affordable to give equity to your employees.
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What's included

Online signature of legal agreements
Automatic vesting
Automated Cap Table updates
Director's resolution
Offer letter
Offer agreement
Exercise notice

Equity for your whole team

Reward your team for their hard work. We've packaged up everything you need to make that possible including legal workflows, valuation, Cap Table, and document signing processes. Raise the bar for success and unlock your team’s potential.

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We’re with you every step of the way

Our ESOPs are ready to use out-of-the-box, but we’re here to support you if you need it. Our set-up wizard will guide you through the design of your Employee Share Scheme plan. If you need more help, log into the platform to connect with our expert legal partners.

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We protect your time and bottom line

Setting up an ESOP used to take weeks. Now, it can be done in hours. Cake’s solution takes 85% less time and costs 90% less than equivalent services. We’re proud of our entrepreneurial ethos and have created a simple way for founders to manage their equity pools.

How does it work?


Design your plan

Breeze through designing your plan with our set-up wizard, with the knowledge that we’ve thought of everything—vesting schedules, leaver conditions, and exercise window. You'll be ready to grant options in no time. Need help along the way? Our legal experts are on hand.


Issue options

Send offers, get signatures online and issue options through the app. Empower your team members by giving them the ability to view and manage their options through our app.


Manage your option pool

Whether you’re a team member or a director, you’re always up-to-date. Cake keeps track of vesting dates and exercise windows and allows you to manage and monitor your pool, how many options are left, and how many come back in if a team member leaves.

Managing equity doesn’t have to be a headache

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