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Launch Your Employee Share Option Plan

An Employee Share Option Plan is the most popular way to give equity to your employees and contractors. We've made it fast, simple and affordable.

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Why an Employee Share Option Plan?

- Attract and retain the best talent - Give your team an ownership mindset - Top up salary package with options - Create a common team goal - Take advantage of substantial tax concessions

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Tax-efficient startup concession

Under the Concession, the employees or contractors: - Don’t pay tax unless they make a profit - Are eligible for CGT discount - Have the potential for significant financial gains - And bonus! The plan has minimal reporting requirements

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Unlock Your Company Equity

We've packaged up all the aspects of creating and managing an Employee Share Option Plan and guide you through from start to finish.

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Issuing Shares Made Easy

Our set up wizard will guide you through the design and completion of your Employee Share Scheme plan.

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Avoid Painful Admin

Doing an ESOP the old fashioned way can be a painful process. Getting documents signed, tracking the vesting and keeping the employees up to date - it can become overwhelming. Cake makes it easy.

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Easy Steps to Launch

1. Set up

Using Cake's ESOP engine, you'll breeze through the entire ESOP set up.. Cake provides the standard ESOP settings and contracts, and you can customise them as you need. If you need any legal assistance, our legal partners can jump straight in and help you out.

2. Make Offers

Send offers, collect signatures and issue the options all through the app. Then invite your team members to view their options and vesting schedule through their own Investor Account - make the options feel tangible for your team, and let them take control.

3. Manage

The ESOP engine keeps track of all ongoing vesting dates and exercise windows, so the team members and the founders are always up to date. You can easily monitor your option pool, so you always know how many options you have left to play with, both now and in the future.

4. Lapsing & Exercising options

You can easily lapse unvested options when an employee leaves, and then recycle them to the pool to be used for further offers or top-ups. If an employee wants to exercise their options, Cake takes care of the admin and automatically updates your Cap Table when they become a shareholder.

Solve all your equity needs

Simplify your cap table and easily issue options to employees.

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