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Q. Why can’t I just send an offer based on my existing Plan Rules and Offer Letter? // A. Whenever you make an option offer to a team member in another country the options will be treated under and subject to local laws (including tax rules) of the country in which the recipient is located......view more

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Cake provides the best equity solution for global startups in 50 countries

Give ownership to your global team with a single dashboard
Country regionalised offer letters no matter where your employees are based
Setup global equity plans compliantly
Issue options instantly
Initial and ongoing valuations including 409A
Automated vesting schedules
Easy access for employees
Status updates through the cake platform
Priority customer success support

No matter where you’re based, or where your employees or contractors are, manage it all in the one place.

Cake works in the major hubs of US, UK and Singapore plus more than 50 of the top startup countries. We’re adding new countries all the time, just ask!