Share Option Plans Guide

Take the guesswork out of share option plans

Take the guesswork out of share option plans

We've created the ultimate guide for founders wanting to get started with Share Option Plans

Get the recipe for success and learn the best-practice standards for Share Option Plans globally and in your country. We live and breathe equity so we know which questions are keeping you up at night. We answer them all in this guide.

  • What are the benefits of a Share Option Plan?
  • How does a Share Option Plan work?
  • What is Vesting and how does it work?
  • What are Plan Rules?
  • What happens if an employee leaves?
  • What happens if the company is sold or listed?
  • What about selling options or shares?
  • How should I allocate options?
  • How do I value a company for a Share Option Plan?
  • What are the regulations?
  • What does it mean to exercise my options?
  • What if I leave the company?
  • How is a Share Option Plan taxed?
  • What about Exit Events?
  • Where can I view my Options and Vesting progress?

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