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[Masterclass] Capital Raising for Startups

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Became an equity superhero with Cake

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If you’re a startup founder wanting to raise capital, this masterclass is for you.

About this event

Our expert presenters have a world of experience helping startup founders with capital raising and stakeholder management.

  • Jason, is co-founder of Cake Equity, the only global cap table management platform. Jason is a former CFO, an active startup investor and has lead numerous successful startup funding rounds.
  • Alex is co-founder of SprintLaw, one of the fastest growing global startup Law firms helping founders with capital raising and employee equity in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.
  • Brett is co-founder of BoardPro, a simple software platform that simplifies board management.

Together our panel have participated in and supported founders through 100's of successful capital raise rounds.

Join them to learn how to Simplify, accelerate and nail your next funding round.

- Funding stages and latest funding trends

- Pros and cons of different raise types plus

- Key deal terms and raise documents

- Founder tips on what to focus on and common errors to avoid

- Raise prep tools to help with valuation, due diligence, cap table modeling etc

- Investor engagement, communication and board management