Cake ESOP Toolkit

Videos, guides and toolkit to help you leverage your employee equity.

Practical Guide to ESOP'sClick here to download
ESOPs a Practical Guide
ESOP Plan Rules Summary

Cake ESOP Plan Rules Summary

Summary of the general terms included in the Cake standard Employee Share Option Plan (ESOP) Plan Rules.

Employee Guide

Cake ESOP Guide for Employees

In this Guide we explain what an ESOP is, and how it generally works. We cover the most frequently asked questions from recipients, and explain the general vocabulary used in the ESOP documents.

Set up and Manage your ESOP in a few simple clicks

Four part series on Setting up and Managing your ESOP with Cake

Part 1

See how simple it is to set up an ESOP in Cake.

Part 2

Creating your Plan Rules and Offer Letter

Part 3

Generating offers, sending and signing

Part 4

Automating the ongoing management of your ESOP