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Equity Made Easy for Startups

Need an Employee Shares Agreement?

Attract and retain the best talent
Give your team an ownership mindset
Top up salary package with options
Create a common team goal
Take advantage of substantial tax concessions
Free for your first 5 investors.

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Common questions about Cake


How long does it take to get started?

You can be set up in under 24 hours. Just sign up and get started yourself, or send your current cap table data and we will get it set up for you.


What happens if I leave Cake?

If you decide to leave Cake we will securely export your database and provide it to you in CSV format. Easy!


Are there any set up costs?

There is no cost to get setup. We'll also help you clear up any questions or issues too while getting set up. Just send us your information.


Does it work if you haven't raised capital?

Absolutely. We recommend you get set up as early as you can to automate your cap table and keep it as clean as possible. And the best part is, Cake is free for under 6 investors!


Will it work if my employees and investors are overseas?

Yes! Cake is the only equity management platform that is designed to work in the major hubs of US, UK and Singapore plus more than 50 of the top startup countries.

“Cake has made managing my Cap Table and Employee Share Option Plan so much easier. Literally weeks of total time saved, and even more in headspace.”

Oliver Kidd CEO @ Archa

Solve all your equity needs

Simplify your cap table and easily issue options to employees.