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capital raising toolkit

Capital Raising Toolkit

This toolkit is for founders and their teams running their early stage rounds, from friends and family, pre-seed to Series A. There is a lot to do. Raises are typically a full time job for 3-6 months for one founder. Raises get easier as you progress (if you have growth) but you can still save a lot of time by doing it the easy way. Goal #1. Reduce the time that is takes you to raise by at least 50%. So if it was going to take you 12 months, it will take you 6 months. Or if it was going to take you 3 months, it will take you 1.5 months. Goal #2. Increase your chances of getting better investors. Make sure the first thing you do is duplicate a copy of the Toolkit to your own account in the top right corner so you can edit a private version.