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Cap Table Modelling Toolkit

Cap table modelling is so important. We've added here a range of resources to help you out! Below you will find the webinar video, slides, and a free template for Seed Round modelling. Also don't forget to sign up if you want the more detailed modelling tools and one on one support.
ESOPs a Practical Guide
Cap table modelling one on one

Detailed modelling and 1 on 1 support

Cake customers can get access to more detailed models, and 1 on 1 cap table modelling sessions. To access click on the link below, provide details on your startup and if you don't have a Cake account sign up for free. We'll be in touch. We look forward to speaking with you.

cap table model

Cap Table Model

Here is a free Seed Round Modelling tool. It's so good to start with! Calculate your cap table before, during and after the round. Avoid missing things and making mistakes. Look great to your investors with a clean cap table summary. If you want more detailed models and support, please sign up to Cake above and access the full models with pre-seed, Series A and more models, and free modelling one on one sessions!

Workshops Video

There was so much gold in that session. WE LOVED MAKING IT. Hope you enjoyed it. Re-watch it all, or check out specific sections that were relevant to you! Cap table modelling workshop with Cake Equity, Hall Chadwick and Simply Wall St.
Workshop Slides

Workshop Slides

All the content from the session, is easily accessible at your own speed. Includes workshop slides and cap table modelling examples.