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Q4 2022

Modelling - SAFE note conversions - Now simulate SAFE note conversions from your Cake account, or use our manual calculator -- Issue Global Options - Get unlimited employees across 3 countries, including annual valuations - Cake is the leading platform for allowing you to hire and grant equity to global team members -- Built in Investor Update Templates - Try out the quick use templates for crafting your monthly updates 'Highlights, lowlights', 'The good, the bad and the ugly' and more - More templates being added - Add your reply to email, so your investors get back to you quickly -- Other pieces - Send all reminders to your team (remind your team to sign their docs!) - Bulk upload your notes - Check who hasn't yet signed up to Cake and invite the delta! - Full flexible option vesting schedules - Coming soon!

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Bulk uploads Upload your holder lists and get to value in seconds by importing what you already have, no need to craft it into a perfect spreadsheet. Features: Simply ensure your data is sorted into columns Upload it and use the tool to then name the required columns  Import it directly into Cake Away you go Find the Bulk upload tool by clicking 'Shares', 'Stocks' or 'Notes' from the nav

cake product releases


Model your Cake Editing transactions Create multiple option offers in bulk Bulk downloads Cake's template contracts

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