Top tips for hiring international employees in the age of remote work

hiring remote international employees

The term 'remote work' may evoke images of sweatpants, zoom hangouts, and a cheeky afternoon nap for some, but more importantly, the widespread acceptance of remote work has contributed to in a new era of international recruitment. Deel's 2021 State of Global Hiring Report showed a huge spike in overseas hiring—over 200% from regions like Latin America and Asia Pacific.

With the need to tackle skill shortages in a competitive market for talent, there are many reasons why you should be hiring international employees, but how can you compete?

To have an effective global talent acquisition process, you'll need to stand out from your competition. Here are our tips to help you catch the eyes of top global talent:

1. Optimize Candidate Experience

As an employer, it's important to consider the candidate's experience throughout the hiring process since the way your candidates are treated can impact how they view your organization and how likely they will be to refer others to work with you.

We've seen that the experience candidates have with their hiring managers and HR representatives makes a big difference in their overall feelings about the job and whether they'll accept an offer. Try to keep these three things in mind to optimize your candidate experience:

  • Transparency and communication: Candidates should have a clear understanding of what is going on at every step of the interview, and what's to come next
  • Streamlining the process: The interview process should be easy to understand, and reduced to the minimum amount of work and time required to vet a potential candidate
  • Offering feedback: Regardless of whether you choose to hire, offer feedback to each candidate to close the loop

2. Sprinkle in Perks and Benefits

One of the best ways to recruit top talent from abroad is to make sure you offer them more than just the job. Companies that do this to attract and retain foreign talent include perks such as:

  • career development programs
  • employer-provided health insurance coverage
  • a home-office budget
  • flexible working hours
  • internet and phone plans
  • extra paid leave
  • digital social events

Throwing in extras that contribute to a candidate's career progression and work-life balance is an excellent way to stand out in the crowd of other companies vying for the same talent.

3. Sell Applicants on your Company Culture

As well as offering perks and benefits, ensure that you are communicating the ways of working and cultural norms they can expect if they sign on. Letting applicants know up-front about communication styles and frequency allows them to easily determine if they are a fit for the culture and ways of working the role offers. Your international outreach will be miles ahead if you can easily demonstrate how your company empowers their remote workers.

Deel outlines some of the ways you can navigate a globally distributed team, including implementing a strong feedback culture, embracing trust and empathy, and fostering intentional connections amongst team members and leaders.

4. Offer Stock Options

When you're looking to hire foreign talent, you'll want to consider offering stock options as an employee benefit. These arrangements allow you to attract talent from all over the world, no matter how much money your competitors are offering them.

When employees are given stock options, they are given a share of ownership in the company. Hence, you can attract foreign talent by offering them a combination of salary and equity. This means they're motivated to see the company succeed, as their shares could go up in value exponentially. This incentive will help them stay motivated and focused on the bigger picture. Offering stock options affords a raft of benefits, including:

  • Saving on cash instead of spending money on high salaries
  • Competing with other companies that may offer more
  • Motivating employees to work hard to make their options go further
  • Making the remote/international employees feel closer to the business
  • Motivating employees to stay and make your company successful so that it will eventually be acquired or have an initial public offering, which will provide value to their shares

Offering option plans is a win-win for yourself and your employees - your business will inevitably grow, and you'll attract more talent. To keep up with the increasing demand, look to farther regions of the world to take advantage of foreign talent pools. Don't overlook hiring locally, but if you're pressed with time to fill a need urgently, or can't find qualified local candidates, give hiring from abroad a try.

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