Cake Equity | State of Australian Startup Funding 2021 Report - Our Contribution

State of Australian Startup Funding 2021 Report - Our Contribution

March 1st, 2022   —   Jason Atkins

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We're thrilled to have contributed to the inaugural State of Australian Startup Funding report produced by our partners Folklore and Cut Through Venture.

The first of it's kind, this comprehensive report looks into the key trends and issues shaping Australia's startup funding landscape.

Our founder, Jason Atkins, writes:

The Cake team is proud to be helping to build a thriving community in the startup space. Our vision is to give every aspiring entrepreneur with a dream the power to change the world for the better. We do this by making equity simple, fast and borderless for founders globally, so they can go build a better future for all of us.
Fortunately, we have so far helped over 1,000 funded startups as customers, with over 60,000 investors and 6,500 employees. And we are excited the resulting data helps to uncover insights on our awesome industry. While we’re a startup ourselves, we realise our opportunity to help in providing data to the industry.
We’re delighted to partner with Cut Through Venture, Folklore, Aussie Angels and so many more to bring this together. In the coming years we’re sure that our data will improve too, and our team is excited to help where possible.
At Cake, we think of investors as not only angels and VC, but also the startup teams. 10-20% of a startups equity can be held by the team, which results in life changing wealth creation for many early team members of successful startups.
As our industry matures, more employees are able to exit their options, creating financial success far beyond what almost all salaries can provide. And hopefully, the cycle continues as new angel investors and VC LPs are born!
More than ever too, we’re operating in a global venture and technology environment. International investing is growing and startups are building global teams. This brings new opportunities, as Australian startups can partner with both local and international investors easier, and access global talent.

Download your copy of the full report here.