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Streamline you ESOP Setup

Cake has partnered with Wavemaker VC to help their portfolio companies streamline their ESOP Set up. Our partnership gives you access to Wavemaker-endorsed ESOP Plan documents, exclusive discounts and premium support for your ESOP setup on Cake.

Setup you ESOP in

We’re reimagining startup capital raising, combining Swoops smart investor matching with Cake's leading global equity platform. Get in front of the right investors, save thousands on fees and get off spreadsheets.

Look like a pro for Investors

Get investor ready with Cake. Upload your cap table and key company docs and share them online with investors.

Save time and money executing your raise

Don't pay thousands of pounds for raise documents. Use Cake's raise templates for equity and note raising. Automate online sending and signing of raise agreements with Cake's contract engine. Close your round and issue share certificates via Cake.

Keep investors engaged

Keep investors engaged and ready to support your next raise using Cake's investor communication platform. Give investors confidence with online access to their holdings, raise documents and share certificates while saving you time on investor admin.

Save thousands in fees and halve the time it takes to raise!

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Get off spreadsheets and into the 21st century!

Join thousands of early-stage startups and high-growth startups and scale-ups using Cake and Swoop to streamline their capital raise.

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Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting

Cake and Swoop, as part of this exclusive partnership, are offering concierge onboarding and support to make your raise as simple as possible.

Setting up you ESOP has never been easier

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