12/15/2021, 2:30:00 AM AEST

We all know that building a great team with an awesome culture is a key ingredient in startup success. But the reality is that we are time poor, have a million competing priorities and we’re in the middle of a talent war like never before.

So how do you build and grow a winning Startup team? We’ll if our panel for this event can’t provide the answers no one can.

Ellie Smith is VP of People and Culture at Who Gives a Crap. Since their humble beginnings in 2013 they’ve become a global sensation providing sustainable toilet paper and making an impact by donating 50% of profits to build toilets and provide clean water to people in need. Last year alone the donated a whooping $5.85m.

Speaking of great teams we have our first ever husband and wife team on the panel. In addition to being married to Ellie, Matt is also a Partner of MitchelLake Group. He's a global leader in Executive Search and Recruitment in the technology, digital and innovation sectors. MitchelLakes' clients include the who’s who of tech unicorns from Dropbox to Xero to Square and Culture Amp.

Sophia Witherington is Head of Fellowship at Startmate where she is on a mission to help talented, ambitious people from a multitude of backgrounds gain the network and skills needed to thrive in the startup world. She has a psychology background, coupled with experience across people operations, business operations, executive search and strategy. Sophia has worked in-house for scale-up businesses and global corporates, and within VC and private Equity worlds.

Jason Atkins is Co-founder of Cake Equity. He’s leading the charge building a winning startup team at Cake and has assisted hundreds of founders leverage their equity to help attract, retain and engage talent.

Join our Panel as the unpack the secrets behind;:

- Attracting and retaining key early stage hires

- Creating a winning culture

- Putting in place key people building blocks

- Scaling and maintaining your culture as your teams grow