[APAC] Building Global Teams

The way startups teams work has changed dramatically. Remote first, flexible working and global teams are now the norm. But how do you recruit, manage, motivate and retain global talent?


29/06/2022, 2:00:00 AM AEST

We’ve gathered a group of experts to unpack how to build high performing global startup teams.

  • Sleek is an all-in-one digital platform, helping startups with company setup, governance, accounting and tax compliance online.  They run a global business operating in multiple countries including the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.
  • Deel’s mission is to make worldwide workforces a reality.  They enable companies to create locally compliant employment contracts, pay their global teams, and stay compliant in more than 150 countries.  Oh and by the way they are also a global team.
  • Leesa Soulodre is a serial entrepreneur who has invested her lifetime on the frontiers of DeepTech pioneering, digital transformation and innovation. She has served more than 400+ multinationals and a plethora of start-ups in 19 sectors across Europe, the Asia-Pacific, and the Americas.
  • Cake helps supercharge global founders, their teams and investors with frictionless equity, so they can build a better future for all of us. Their cap table platform supports startups globally and helps with investor management, capital raising execution and employee equity.

⏱ 10:00am SGT / 12:00pm AEST / 2:00pm NZT

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